HP 45 Black Compatible HP 51645A Inkjet Cartridge - 833 Page Yield

833 page yield
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Product Description

This professionally remanufactured HP 45 Black (51645A) inkjet cartridge is an original Hewlett Packard (HP) 51645A ink-jet cartridge which has been through one cycle of service and has been recharged. This HP 45 Black ink cartridge has been thoroughly cleaned along with the printhead nozzles. Then the HP 51645 was filled with the same ink formulation, the internal back pressure was insured and then it was inspected for any possible shell leakage, tested the operation of all electrical circuitry and finally run through an actual print test. If the 51645A inkjet cartridge passes our rigid standards, it has been remanufactured for your Hewlett Packard (HP) printer! This quick-drying, pigment-based ink offers optimum performance and productivity with superior resistance to smudging and bleeding.


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For use in the following printers: Deskjet 932C, Deskjet 6122, Deskjet 722C, OfficeJet G85, Deskjet 895cse, Deskjet 1220c-ps, Deskjet 1600, PhotoSmart P1000, Deskjet 882C, PhotoSmart 1215, Deskjet 990Cse, Deskjet 970Cxi, Deskjet 970Cse, Deskjet 960, Deskjet 952C, Deskjet 950C, Deskjet 930C, Deskjet 895Cxi, Deskjet 832C, Deskjet 820Cse, Deskjet 720C, Deskjet 712C, OfficeJet K80, OfficeJet K60, PhotoSmart 1315, Deskjet 1120C, PhotoSmart 1115, Deskjet 1100, Deskjet 990cxi, Deskjet 990C, Deskjet 952, Deskjet 932, Deskjet 895, Deskjet 890C, Deskjet 882, Deskjet 850, Deskjet 710C, OfficeJet G85xi, OfficeJet K80xi, OfficeJet G55, OfficeJet T45xi, OfficeJet T45, Deskjet 815C, Deskjet 815, Color Copier 210Lx, Color Copier 210, Color Copier 260, Color Copier 290, Color Copier 280, Deskjet 1120cxi, Deskjet 1000cse, Deskjet 990cm, Deskjet 1600cn, Deskjet 1600cm, Deskjet 1600c, Deskjet 9300, Deskjet 6127, PhotoSmart 1315vm, FAX 1220, Deskjet 1220cxi, Deskjet 1220cse, PhotoSmart 1218xi.

Additional Information

Model Name 51645A
Page Yield 833
OEM Brand HP
Warranty One Year
Manufacturer TMP
Color Black
Shelf Life 12 - 18 Months
Quantity 1 Inkjet Cartridge
Capacity Standard

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