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TonerMarketPlace.com is all about saving you money on your toner ink cartridges in the US, whilst being environmentally friendly. Recycling is good for our planet, and good for saving money too. Our products are the cheaper alternative to the originals, whilst maintaining the same quality standard. Our ink toners range is very wide, and we support compatible printer ink for many famous brands such as HP Toner, Brother Toner, Samsung Toner, Dell Toner, Canon Toner, sharp Toner, Lexmark Toner and many more.

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Shopping can be fun for some while a nuisance for the others. In most shopping experiences, what matters most is the quality & price of the product and the customer service experience.

At Toner Market Place, we make it a point to address both these points to your satisfaction. Be it the quality of products you're looking to purchase, the price, the delivery or the post-sales service, we have it all covered. We offer printer toners for all brands and models from HP laser toner cartridges to Xerox toner cartridges and in all the categories that you demand for – be it compatible toner cartridges or OEM cartridges, we have it all here. To name a few of the benefits you receive while shopping with Quality Cartridge:

  •     Our range of brands is quite extensive ranging from the small to big brands.
  •     We believe in selling nothing but the best so you will find only the best quality cartridges, whether OEM cartridges or compatible toner cartridges, in our product catalogue.
  •     All our compatible cartridges are remanufactured in ISO9001 Certified Factory to Meet OEM Standards.
  •     We follow a competitive pricing structure that gives our customers the cheapest deals for the best products.
  •     Any purchase that you make for compatible toner cartridges at Toner Market Place is always covered by a no-quibble, full money-back guarantee.
  •     Free Shipping on all orders over $50, $4.95 Flat rate shipping.

Toner cartridges hold a higher capacity as compared to ink cartridges and are used in laser printers that are usually used in businesses which require large printing jobs. Due to their high capacity, toner cartridges can print any number of pages, usually in thousands and are available in four different colour variants, viz. black, cyan, yellow and magenta.

Laser printers contain two consumable parts – the toner cartridge and a drum unit. Brother and Oki laser printers have the toner and the drum unit separate which allows for individual pieces to be replaced as well. The toner in a cartridge is a black powder, a mixture of carbon, polymer and other colouring agents that all work in unison to develop the resultant prints. An electrostatically charged drum unit transfers the toner to the paper which then goes through a fuser that uses heated rollers to complete the printing process.

Toner Market Place offers cartridges in OEM as well as compatible variants. OEM cartridges are genuine cartridges manufactured by the printer manufacturers whereas compatible toner cartridges are manufactured by recycling empty toners. Recycling helps to reduce the burden on the environment by reducing the toxic waste generated each year by discarded cartridges. You will get the best deals in terms of cheapest compatible toner cartridges from us. Thats our guarantee!